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The process of custom canvas tote bag

Published by April 09,2022

Now whether they are going shopping or commuting to get off work, many girls like to carry canvas tote bags. Canvas tote bags are not only soft in fabric, beautiful in appearance, and cost-effective, they are very popular among young people. Many people want to customize the portable canvas bag but don't know the specific process, I will organize it here for everyone.


The process of custom canvas tote bag


1. Material selection and preparation
First of all, we must know the approximate quantity and unit price. Then determine how many ounces of fabric and color, and the same ounce of the canvas, there are different lines such as twill and plain weave.


2. Cutting
After the fabric is selected and the materials are prepared, the next job is to cut the large roll of fabric into small pieces. Some canvas tote bags have a bottom and sides, which are equivalent to a pentagon, and some are bottomless and sideless, with a two-piece structure. According to the specifications, we use an automatic cutting machine and a cutting machine to cut into small pieces of fabric of our required specifications.


3. Printed patterns
Simple patterns generally use screen printing, which has a lower cost and is widely used. It has developed well in China and its various technologies are relatively mature. If it is complicated printing, thermal transfer printing is required, and attention should be paid to the clarity and fullness of the text and pattern when printing. Let the canvas tote bag can clearly highlight the theme and play an advertising role.


4. Sewing thread
Sewing here is just like sewing clothes. The pieces of fabric are sewn together, and finally, the hand is sewn on the bag. The finer and more neat the stitching, the stronger the whole canvas bag. Here are some details, The car line between the hand and the bag body does not need to be crossed, etc., there are several lines on the side, the last effective length of the bag, etc.


5. Packing
The last step is to box and pack. According to the customer's request, put the canvas tote bag into the carton, and make sure whether to pack it individually or not, etc.