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How to print patterns on canvas tote bags?

Published by April 09,2022

Canvas tote bags are very common in life, and they appear on various occasions as a collocation of fashion trends. The patterns on canvas tote bags also have a decorative effect to a large extent or the effect of advertising. How to print patterns on canvas tote bags?


Canvas tote bags


There are two types of patterns printed on canvas tote bags:
One is a simple monochromatic pattern (no transition color), and the other is a pattern with excessive color (such as a beautiful photo)

If it is a simple monochromatic pattern, no transitional color, you can choose screen printing, the general printing effect can be achieved, it is the most commonly used printing


The second is called a thermal transfer, which can print patterns with transitional colors and can print photo effects.

The characteristic is that the printing is beautiful and the price is expensive. If it is not very demanding for canvas tote bags, it is recommended not to do it. The cost is calculated by area and there is a version fee.


Recently, there is a new printing technology that can be printed on canvas tote bags, which is called silk dot printing in the industry.

Disadvantages: Can only print some simple transition colors, complex printing can not be printed, the price is higher than silk printing, lower than thermal transfer. If you want to print beautiful pictures, but don't want to choose an expensive thermal transfer, you can consider silk dot printing. But the requirements for printing must not be too high.


It is recommended to communicate with the canvas tote bags manufacturer in detail which way to print the pattern, according to the actual situation.

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