How to use PayPal for YONGJIAXIN
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  • Jimmy at
  • November 07, 2016


Visit the Paypal website at Select the "Sign up" link. Choose either a "Personal," "Premier" or "Business" account, depending on how you plan to use PayPal. Choose "Personal" if you plan to only shop online. Choose "Premier" if you plan to buy and sell online. Select "Business" if you represent a business account. Provide requested personal and financial information to build your account, including choosing a bank account to link to your PayPal account.
Buy a product or service through a website that allows PayPal payments. Select the PayPal payment option. Enter your email address and PayPal account number and approve the payment from your account.
Sell a product or service on a classified website, online forum or social networking site. Visit the PayPal site and open your account. Choose the "Request Payment" selection. Enter the buyer's email address. Await a payment confirmation from PayPal to your email account.
Register as a seller on eBay, using your PayPal account as your preferred payment method. Post an item for sale on eBay. Agree to terms with a buyer. Look for payment confirmation from PayPal.
Select the "Get Paid" selection on the top of the PayPal website and then choose "Sell on Your Website." Click the "Setting Up" tab and choose your preferences for posting a button on your website that allows you to receive payments through PayPal.
Visit the PayPal website and log into your account. Select the "Withdraw" tab and then click "Transfer to Bank Account." Select an amount of money from your PayPal account to transfer to your bank account to pay bills or to bolster your savings account.