Status of plastic shopping bags in China
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  • July 15, 2017

Since June 1, 2008, China has imposed a plastic limit order: "in all supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars and other commodity retail places to implement plastic shopping bags paid use system, are not free to provide plastic shopping bags, and in the country Prohibit the production, sale, use of the thickness of less than 0.025 mm plastic shopping bags.



In China, every day to buy vegetables will use 1 billion plastic bags, as other kinds of plastic bags used more than 2 billion per day. China's annual output of 30 million tons of plastic, consumption of more than 600 million tons. Plastic bags if the annual 15% of the amount of plastic waste calculation, the world's annual plastic waste is 15 million tons, China's annual plastic waste in more than 1 million tons, waste plastics in the proportion of garbage accounted for 40%, so that a large number of Of waste plastics as rubbish buried in the ground, no doubt to the already lack of cultivated land to bring greater pressure.


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