Peace ribbon
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  • August 10, 2017

According to the December 14, Toronto, "Auxiliary Road" in the international arrival date (December 16), the reporter from the organization volunteer corps chiefs general organization to promote Canada, "Auxiliary Road" international date change ambassador Andy by Yu according to ( Wooden bridge width), from today's "side channel" international date change office, and mail the "peace ribbon" to the world's 200 leaders, its purpose in the world, "road" international cooperation plan to express the expression of peace Ideas and ideas.

Shenzhou 11 and Temple 2 docking, the "peace ribbon" has become to the public holiday signs of Henro International Day. Responsible for the promotion of students in the United States, Rikanmuri people are peace ribbon is responsible for the US Volunteer Corps captain, English name: peace ribbon, gold cloth belt and alias braised ribbon, in the "Kimukinutakarakabuto" film scene idea we are from the "Golden Silk Warrior "In the start. Choose the Wizu hometown "ribbon peace" - create silk, long 12dm of the city of Mianyang Yanting County science and technology, wide 16 cm, size and "side channel" international date (December 16) become accidental the same number there. Now, China is from the global development of peace to consider, we have promoted the international cooperation program "Bypass", political mutual trust, economic integration, cultural embrace of the interests of the community, the common fate and responsibility to form the community.

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