Overseas marketing and promotion methods
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  • Jimmy at
  • October 19, 2017

The success of overseas marketing promotion is directly related to the sales of foreign trade sellers, a direct impact on the spread of foreign trade seller brand reputation. What are the commonly used methods for overseas marketing promotion? The following is the answer.

1. search engine marketing

Search engine marketing has both passive search and active search. Among them, passive search includes: search engine bidding (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO). Most of the sites will continue to optimize the site structure, access to better natural ranking results, of course, this is a long-term work, the need for long-term investment and attention. 

2. social media marketing

Like the domestic microblogging, all network and other social networking sites, foreign social networking site users more active, more powerful social networking sites, people will use the social platform to sun their own collection, to share their new baby, exchange Life problems. Businesses will use facebook, twitter, pinterest and other social networking sites to share and interactive features to promote the brand, which formed a very good word of mouth spread.

3. oreign trade B2B platform marketing

However, when choosing foreign trade B2B platform marketing, enterprises should combine their own product characteristics to select the appropriate platform. For example, you are facing the Latin American market, the current Taadekey effect is more obvious; if you are facing Europe and the United States is the market or foreign small wholesalers, the best online transactions, then Dunhuang is a very good choice.

4. e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises commonly used marketing promotion, but also the smallest investment in a way. Whether you are foreign trade companies or foreign trade SOHO people, e-mail marketing is a very good way to maintain customers.

5. online advertising and marketing

There are several ways to pay for online advertising: pay-per-view (CPM), pay-per-click (CPC), per-action cost (CPA), cost per purchase (CPP), performance pay (PFP), and so on. Internet advertising and marketing investment, quick, mainly search engine Adwords advertising, portal portal advertising directly is advertising network.

6. community forum soft paper marketing

Domestic community and forum activity is very high, as long as you speak, the general foreign users will be very enthusiastic reply. Therefore, many foreign trade soho foreign well-known industry community and forums free advertising, to bring their own website signature links and so on, so often counterproductive, causing foreign users resentment, the title is often the thing. This is enough to see the importance of soft paper marketing, the amount is not much, useful Caixing. This zero-cost long-term benefit of the soft text marketing, very suitable for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises and foreign trade soho people.

7. video marketing

With the rise of business influence, video marketing is very necessary. We often in the well-known foreign websites to see some well-known advertising products, once successful, word of mouth marketing power will not be able to imagine, but the most critical is the video ads must be creative, so as to form a viral marketing, , To attract the user eye.