Alibaba No one supermarket finally opened
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  • Jimmy at
  • July 11, 2017

Alibaba No one supermarket finally opened.


Ma's unmanned supermarket  achieve a real no shopping guide, no cash, no service. New retail era officially kicked off, but also means that the traditional retail industry would be  a major reshuffle.


We first look at how about the design of this unmanned supermarket.


1) When opening the door, we must have to open the  two-dimensional  of the Taobao scan .


2) After the system identification is successful, the gate will automatically open, and then you can start shopping.It have all kinds of products , foods , living goods , packaging bags and so on .


3) Finally go with your products ,and the entire process don't need to get out of mobile phone.


It is worth mentioning that the final design of this door is very clever, as long as you through it, it will automatically scan your selected goods, whether you are holding the hand or on the bag.


Ma said: pure electricity business has died, the new retail era has come. Unmanned supermarkets are clearly the trend of the development of the times, if the late large-scale spread ,maybe would change our way of life. What do you think of the No one supermarket ?