Fourth Kunming International Jewelry Exhibition opens
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  • November 07, 2016

The fourth Kunming International Jewelry Exhibition opened in the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center from Oct 16-20. Wenshan autonomous prefecture is cooperating with emerald companies to participate in the exhibition with more than 20 emerald art wares.

During the exhibition, natural gemstones produced in Wenshan, including emerald and garnet, will be exhibited in the no 5 exhibition hall. This is the first time that a batch of emerald art wares is being exhibited in Kunming.
Emeralds are known as one of the world’s most valuable gems. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are praised as the four most precious stones. In the beginning of the 1980s, people found emerald in Yunnan’s Wenshan county. So far, about 40 pegmatite veins have been found in a 4 kilometer by 4 kilometer square area.
In 1996, Song Ruixiang, then director of the National Land Resources Department, named emeralds produced in Wenshan county as “Chinese Emeralds.” According to Song, Wenshan is the only source for Chinese Emeralds, and people in Wenshan can take this opportunity to become rich.
The development of the Chinese Emerald has filled a gap in China’s emerald production. It also represents Southwest China’s contribution to the international jewelry industry.The emeralds produced in Wenshan have a unique style and large crystals. The jewelry made from Wenshan emeralds are mellow and full of beautiful colors. We can produce wholesale cotton fabric drawstring bag for jewelry packing, and our factory Yongjiaxin Gifts & Crafts Factory has a more than 10 years of export experience, mainly produce organza bag, satin bag, cotton bag and velvet bag for jewelry and gifts packing, any inquiry pls contact:
Because emeralds are rare and precious, they are rarely used for carving. However, emeralds produced in Wenshan are quite suitable for carving because of their big crystals. Chinese jade carving masters elaborately created emerald art wares to present to visitors at the exhibition.