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  • November 07, 2016

 Add Favour Bags to your table..

Let Us Do You a Favour... 
Isn't it nice when you're having a bit of a clearout and you come across an old box of things from your past that make you smile? Looking inside you find a cinema stub from that special first date; an old photograph of family members long gone taken a good few Christmases' ago; a long-lost letter from your close friend who moved away and who you haven't heard from in a while... they all make you smile because of the mounds of memories attached to them, memories that will probably last you a lot longer than the items themselves. You delve a little deeper into the box in front of you and your hand emerges clutching a small, pretty organza bag. Ah, the favour bag from your best friends beautiful wedding a couple of years ago! Looking at the bag the memories of what a wonderful day it was return, as you think about your wedding day which is just a short while away itself now. This is why wedding favour bags can be one of the smaller, most important items on your wedding day yet sometimes can be easily overlooked when you're in the planning stages. Let Decor Trader help, with our range of beautiful favour bags that your guests will take home along with many, many memories... 
When it comes to favour gifts bags, traditionally they are filled with something sweet to eat for the guests to enjoy while waiting for everything to start, or to take home with them at the end of the night, but nowadays people put all sorts in them. You could opt for traditional sugared almonds which represent health, wealth, long life, happiness and fertility, or personalised chocolate hearts or even MnMs. South Asian families usually fill their favour gifts bags with dried fruits and nuts, or you could put in little memoirs for your guests such as tubes of blowing bubbles (which will keep the children entertained at least!) or even disposable cameras. The possibilities are endless, but we have all types of favour bags for those possibilities. 
Starting with our simple sheer organza bags which are exquisite, they are ideal for any wedding or party for holding small gifts or treats for your guests. The shiny, sheer pouches are complete with knot end satin drawstrings, adding opulence to your table setting, and available in 8 different colours you'll be sure to find something to match your wedding decor. 
Next are our velvet drawstring bags available in black, hot pink or deep purple which are perfect if you want to keep what's inside a surprise until your guests open them. Made from premium quality velvet, these favour gifts bags are completed by cord drawstrings knotted on the end, keeping everything glam the way it should be. 
Our satin drawstring favour bags are designed for that upscale, romantic and luxurious function. Made from high-quality satin, which we all know is one of the most luxurious materials you will find for a wedding, the texture along with the black ribbon drawstring completed with pearls, certainly adds a touch of class to your special day. These pouches are available in 4 opulent colours. 
Finally, we have a selection of 3 different types of sheer organza favour bags with an extra added feature giving them a spectacular finishing touch. 
· The sheer organza bags with diamante ribbon are perfect for that wedding or event where
?bling-bling' is an underlying theme. Simple and understated, you will be able to match the simplicity of the bags quite easily with any theme you have, especially as these bags are available in 6 different colours. 
· Our sheer organza pouches with added rose bud features are ideal for that wedding or function which is a bit more daring and out-there, while also being suited to the more conventional and traditional wedding. Available in 9 daring colours including bright orange, each bag is finished with a tiny satin rose which adds that elegance to balance out the bright colouring. 
· Finally our floral organza favour gifts bags are beautiful at a wedding where there is a floral, elegant theme. These bags are very dainty and pretty, finished off with petals and leaves and smooth satin drawstrings for an even more delicate finish. 
All favour bags through Decor Trader come in convenient packs of 10, starting from as little as £1.75 per pack! That's less than 20p per bag... ultimate bargain, we must say! 
As you can see, Decor Trader has it all in terms of favour bags as well as everything else decor-wise for your big day. Whatever you decide to fill these favour bags with, they'll certainly look good upon your tables and will help to add that special finishing touch, leaving yourself and your guests with memories that will hopefully last a lifetime. 
Let us do you a favour with our favour bags, and order yours from Decor Trader today!