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  • November 07, 2016


How Do you think about Birthday
Talk about Birthday, You must feel that “Wow, such a kind words!” Yes, you not only will use this words when your birthday, but also remember the date of your family’s / friends’ / or other person’s which you know.
And today, I have taken an exclusive interview with my colleagues, friends, and other person around us.
--Some of them think “I don’t expect for anything very especial, but blessing and gifts from friends or relatives may make me happy. Oh, it will be much great if a holiday to rest”.
--And some of them said that “Oh yeah, Birthday! I just want to use this opportunity to relax from heavy work with my friends and colleagues. For example, enjoy a party together, and enjoy a nice day or just a night is ok”.
--Also have some person said, “I think full with thanks for your parents, and everyone who supports you is very important. And you need ponder over that “what you have done in your past life, and what you can /should do in future.” 
All above ideas is very common but feasible for us, and maybe you are the same as one of them. In my opinion, Birthday is really a very precious moment for us; you can together with your friends, show your love and gratitude to parents; think about your achievement with age, and what you can do in the future. Almost of us will think more than usual, and urge yourself be better in tomorrow and future.
No matter how you enjoy Birthday in the past years, but I hope you will do better and better in the following years. Not just for yourself, but also show your excellent talents and value to this society!
Come on My friends, you will do it!
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Brana Lin