elastic cord with metal barb
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  • Jimmy at
  • July 26, 2017

Elastic cord with metal barb is made of elastic cord and add the metal barb on one end or two ends of the cord. Elastic cord is braided by yarn and environmental friendly elastic rubber. The yarn is colorful, we can customize the color for you according to pantone book, or you can feel free to choose the clors from our yarn color book. We can satisfy your different diameter requirements by increasing or decreasing the yarn and rubber quantities. Also different machine structure can braid different cord shapes, we have round and flat. Currently we use the high-speed advanced braid machine to do the production, which produces the elastic cord with great stretches and the production efficiency increased greatly! Elastic cord with metal barb is widely used for stationary, such as notebook, calendar, etc. Also can be used for menus, face masks.