The world's first coffee tree is found in the Horn of Af...
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  • Jimmy at
  • July 15, 2017

The world's first coffee tree is found in the Horn of Africa. Local indigenous tribes often grind the fruit of the coffee, and then mix it with animal fat, making a lot of spherical balls. These indigenous tribes use these coffee balls as precious food, for those who are about to leave the soldiers to enjoy.

And modern, there is a classical, called coffee and bag combination,

The advantage of using a cotton bag is that it does not have to stir the coffee in the bag, and the coffee emits bubbles through the expansion and gradually filters down. The focus of this way is the amount of coffee powder, and then determine the amount of boiling water. Brewing, the infusion of boiling water for five minutes, the water thin, slowly added. Through the bag, the coffee ingredients will be completely brewed

The aroma will overflow.

And the taste of memory, there is the taste of the mother, the taste of the old coffee machine, the taste of wooden furniture, cotton bags drying taste. Life is always too busy, so forgetting too many good times, why can sit down and recollection of those long time.