If you till worry about no good look at the bag?
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  • Jimmy at
  • September 30, 2017

If you till worry about no good look at the bag? Still envy other people in the hands of the beautiful personality of the shopping bag? It is better to personallydrawa unique fashionable eco-friendly bag it!


The scene of the event, the customer first from the hands of the staff to receive a white canvas bag, by virtue of their own fashion trends sensitive to the natural aesthetic display and the enthusiasm of low-carbon environmental protection, we enjoy painting on the bag, free color, Of the time, one by one full of fashion charm, gorgeous color, unique green bag was born.


Zhang lady, a creative animation industry, said: "to participate in such activities are very happy, had just come to see the house, but met their favorite hand-painted activities, very happy, this hand-painted green bags are convenient to bring in The body also reduces the pollution, it is quite practical, in the low-carbon practice, the East Dragon domain really do very positive, so we are also infected, unknowingly also advocate low-carbon behavior.