cotton drawstring bags
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  • Jimmy at
  • November 07, 2016

 Although ourcotton drawstring bags are manufactured using a natural sizing technique and are precision cut and sewn... sizes may not be "exact"! Our bags are measured in inches and the sizes listed are used as a guideline... As with most natural cotton products there will often be a size variation due to shrinkage from the differences in cotton crop, weaving technique, and humidity... Depending on the size of bag, there may be a varience of (+/-) 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch on average. It's better not to cut it too close! Be sure to allow extra room as a "perfectly" snug fit is not guaranteed nor advised. Please be aware of this to avoid using the wrong size bag for your application or maybe even consider using a larger size for your purpose... If in doubt, contact us for sizing information before purchasing . It's always better to ask before you buy! Please contact us with any questions about any of our products. We're always glad to help!