Three-dimensional version stamping Ribbon bronzing, hot ...
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  • November 07, 2016

 Three-dimensional stamping version of the production version of the same principles and general stamping, but complicated than the ordinary version, because it is to be formed three-dimensional relief pattern, stamping version are generally recessed, and has depth level change depth than the average hot printing more deeply, more accurate. At present, the main uses of copper edition photographic etching. The advantage of this method is low cost, simple process, but it only applies to flat stamping, since the difference between three-dimensional, life is short, anti-Indian forces only 100,000 Indian or so, so common in some of the less demanding embossed packaging on the product.

    Has been widely used in foreign countries, carved brass version, the first to use a scanner to scan a pattern stamping, the data storage into the computer, and then three-dimensional carving through the control computer and software, rich layers formed three-dimensional pattern of the die intaglio. Because it is computer controlled, it can form a very fine pattern, subtle part of the performance is more satisfactory, anti-Indian forces of up to 100 million impressions or more, it is suitable for the production of high quality, three-dimensional printing large gilt shade Gravure mode. Of course, due to be equipped with high-end electronic engraving machine, scanner, computer and software, engineering and technical personnel and so on, and its high production cost than a photographic etching method. And precisely because of its production of complex, technical difficulty, can better prevent some unscrupulous manufacturers of counterfeit behavior, there is a certain security features. Therefore, some of the high quality and security features required long runs, such as tobacco package, wine package, health care products packaging and greeting cards, it is suitable for three-dimensional gold foil. Previously, such stamping version needs to abroad for processing, high cost, delivery is not timely, the design effect is not satisfactory. Currently, domestic manufacturers have been able to process a small amount of this stamping version, effectively reducing the cost, especially processors communicate directly with designers, a proper understanding of design intent to obtain satisfactory results.
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