• In 2014 the city will once again raise the minimum wage. Yesterday morning, Mayor Xu Qin hosted the fifth 101 municipal executive meeting examined and approved in principle the 2014 minimum wage adjustments related programs. Under the program, from February 1 next year, full-time employment of workers in Shenzhen monthly minimum wage be raised to 1,808 yuan, an increase of 13%;-time employment of workers hourly minimum wage increased to 16.5 yuan, an increase of 13.8%

    The meeting pointed out in a timely manner to raise the minimum wage, is to implement the central and provincial, important initiatives related to deepen the reform of income distribution system spiritual city, the city is also a necessary requirement to accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading. To further improve the minimum wage system, and strive to achieve growth in labor compensation and labor productivity simultaneously and continuously improve residents' income and narrow the income gap, so that more economic and social development outcomes more equitable benefit people's livelihood.

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