The difference between the pearl cotton bags and bubble ba...
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  • Jimmy at
  • November 07, 2016

Pearl cotton bags and bubble bags all has very good impact resistance, such as good insulation effect, and antioxidant anti-static function.Pearl cotton bags and bubble bags are very good packaging materials, mainly used in electronic equipment, metal products, medical equipment, craft gifts, liquor, instruments and meters, lighting products, glass and other breakable packaging, is a kind of good shockproof moistureproof and dustproof packaging materials.However, from the performance, pearl cotton bags is better than the bubble bags.Pearl cotton bags overcome the brittle deformation defects of bubble bag, bubble bag after deformation recovery performance is poor, pearl cotton bags of plasticity, deformation is quickly restored to the initial state in a timely manner.Also, bubble bags belong to not recycled products, can cause white pollution, of course, this is all pearl cotton bags and plastic bags common defects.

 Two cotton cloth has a lot of advantages, but from beautiful, from environmental protection, availability, pure cotton cloth bag is better,our factory can produce all kinds of cotton pouches,there can be hand bags,drawstring bags and so on.If you want it please contact us