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  • November 07, 2016

 Common types of transfer printing labels

    Label transfer printing is a means of physical and chemical methods - print pattern and color transfer printing onto a substrate, a common label transfer printing method are summarized as follows.
 1, wiping pressure transfer printing
   Mainly for paper, wood, plastic and other hard and smooth material, used in graphic design, photo albums, toys, stickers, scratch, transfer printing paper. When using the label release paper unveiled the finished surface will be transfer printed pattern alignment position, with a nail or a sense of laminated wood in the back rub evenly moving, tear transparent film, to complete the transfer graphic.
 2, reverse the sense of pressure transfer printing
   Inverted sense of pressure transfer printing labels into solvent type, grinding type scratch resistant baking three kinds. Solvent-based and solvent scrub can; scratch wear pattern after transfer printing can not do any treatment, you can have good adhesion and scratch wear effect, but to avoid a hard object scratching; high temperature baking may transfer printing After polishing the baking process, it may not be directly sprayed coatings and baking treatment. Sense of pressure transfer printing labels suitable for metal, plastic, composite materials and other hard materials, such as surface decoration air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, cabinet, fishing rods, golf, cycling and so on. Use, simply tear the protective film, the alignment transfer position labeled, even after the end of paper torn squeeze to complete the pattern transfer.
 3, water transfer printing
   It can be divided into reverse water transfer printing labels (B, C transfer printing labels), water soluble forward transfer printing labels, peelable membrane type is to turn the water transfer printing labels. Features water transfer printing labels is beautifully printed, colorful, widely used materials, labels strong, beautiful and difficult to change, especially for irregular surface with good decorative. As the water transfer printing labels graphic film layer has a certain toughness, in the dry layer under the water scraping, scraping sides remember the water so the irregular pattern on the surface of the adhesion level service. After sufficient drying can transfer graphic and baking spray varnish, but it must be sufficiently dried, otherwise there will be bubbles after baking, resulting in waste.
 4, thermal transfer printing
   Thermal transfer printing is the first in a special transfer paper or transfer film print pattern, then transfer printing onto substrates, used for ceramic decal printing, textile printing, label printing, and other merchandise.
   Thermal transfer technology in the digital on-demand printing and gradually began to market, and on-demand printing with the same personalized features have also been popular, because it can be based on individual needs, such as a color graphic printing to paper, textiles, ceramics, plastics, metal, paper label substrates, the method is simple, inexpensive, personalized strong, to lead the new trend transfer printing.