•  With the rapid development of the computer era, the traditional printing industry has also been a very big change, science and technology into the digital society, but also the progress of the times.

         Digital Printing is a systematic project, involving CAD technology, network communication technology, precision machining technology and fine chemical technology and other cutting-edge technology, is the product of information technology and machinery, textile and chemical industry and other traditional technology convergence.
         Whether you use traditional printing from flat screen, rotary screen are inseparable from the network, but the cost and time consumed by the plate, no matter how the trend can not meet the modern printing in small quantities, multi-species, so the development of a free version, without the pressure of digital printing. The basic principles and the same inkjet printers.
         As the digital jet printing technology involves a lot of calculation and control, we can say no today's high-speed computers can not have digital jet printing technology. For now, the development of digital jet printing technology is substantially synchronized with the computer's ability to work, and the development of computer technology has still no signs of weakening, with the development of computer technology can predict future there will be a high-speed digital printing technology development . Meanwhile nozzle integrated circuit manufacturing technology also benefits related technologies, such as etching, precision assembly. Modern high-frequency, multi-nozzle nozzle emerging to prove this point.
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