If the shoe fits
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  • November 07, 2016

Shoe designer Edgardo Osorio tells Xu Junqian about the coming season's craze for fringes and why he always gets invited to weddings.


Edgardo Osorio was born in Columbia, raised in Miami, United States, and received his education at Central St Martins in London.
Osorio was only 19 years old and had not even finished his degree in fashion design, when he was offered an internship at shoemaker Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence, launching his career in fashion.
After working in the industry for more than a decade with a galaxy of big names including Roberto Cavalli and Sigerson Morrison, in 2011, Osorio launched his own shoe brand, Aquazzura, meaning "blue water" in Italian. The name was inspired by his love of the sea and sun.
There were many reasons for him to "take the challenge to work on his own". The designer had grown up watching his mother and sisters "always wearing heels", even at home, but he could no longer find beautiful and comfortable shoes in the stores. He felt that women were not walking in heels "the way they should", and "everything is too exaggerated, with platforms being too high, and accessories too complicated".
His goal was simple: to create elegant, sexy and comfortable shoes that are to the feet as gloves to the hands, or socks to a heel.
"I am Columbian, and I am always the first one at a wedding to get onto the dance floor and the last one to leave, which is why I got invited to 12 weddings last year," Osorio says with a laugh. We are velvet jewelry bag manufactory,can provide velvet bag for jewelry or gemstones packing, any inquiry pls contact [email protected]
"It always bothered me that the first thing women did when they were invited to dance, was to take their shoes off, and that's even before they started dancing. I want to make shoes that you can dance in," he says.
Osorio, together with the veteran craftsmen at his Florence workshop who have four decades of shoemaking experience, spent months "studying the physics of force like scientists".
"Comfort used to be an ugly word in the fashion world, and that's something I want to change," Osorio says.
Osorio has been working on adjusting the balance of the shoes so that weight is distributed evenly and not focused only on the front of the foot, while the memory foam in the pad adds an extra comfort cushion.
The work of his little workshop in Florence became known through word-of-mouth, and was passed on from fashion magazine editors to celebrities.
"Once they try them, they buy them," Osorio says.
For the upcoming fall/winter season, Osorio is "particularly obsessed with fringes", not only because they look good while dancing, but also "go great with every other item, from jeans to skirts, for day and night look".
Osorio has collaborated with Olivia Palermo, a longtime friend of his and one of Hollywood's most famous socialites, to launch a special shoe collection: Aquazzura * Olivia Palermo. The collection, inspired from the vintage pieces from Palermo's wardrobes, is available at Lane Crawford.